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Chopin In Space Contest Rules


  • Each participant must be a student in grades K-12 at a public or private high school or homeschooled. In the case of homeschool winners, monetary school awards can be applied to a homeschooler association if the winner’s family has an active, due-paying membership.

  • Teachers may enter their classrooms for the contest. Students can enter as classrooms.

  • Entrants under 13 must submit a Parental/Guardian Permission Form, available on the competition platform under “Quick Links.”

Entry Rules:

  • All entries must be received during the competition submission window.

  • Entries may be submitted in the child’s native language.

  • Submitting a competition entry constitutes an agreement to adhere to the rules and stipulations set forth by the contest sponsors.

  • Each classroom entrant certifies, through submission of an entry to the contest, that the submitted material is the classroom entrants’ original, creative work and, to the best of the knowledge of each teacher and student, does not infringe, misappropriate or otherwise violate the work of others, as protected under U.S. copyright, patent, trade secret or trademark law.

  • By entering the contest, the entrant and the team leader agrees to hold harmless, Ad Astra Media, LLC for all legal and administrative claims, damages or losses, including associated expenses that may arise from any claims related to the submission or use of a contest entry.

  • All judges' decisions are final and may not be appealed.

  • Entrants retain all copyrights and other proprietary rights but give Ad Astra Media nonexclusive rights to use their names, likenesses, quotes, submissions or any part of their submissions for educational, publicity and/or promotional purposes. These include but are not limited to website display, print materials and exhibits.

  • Ad Astra Media will not be responsible for any claims or complaints from third parties about any disputes of ownership regarding the ideas, solutions or images contained in entries.

Content Rules:

  • Content must comply with all local, state and federal laws of the United States of America.

  • Content must not

  1. promote illegal behavior;

  2. support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice;

  3. advocate sexual or violent exploitation;

  4. violate rights established by law or agreement;

  5. invade the privacy of any person; or

  6. be otherwise inappropriate as determined by Ad Astra Media, LLC or the contest judging committee, in each case in its sole and conclusive determination.

  • Entries containing any content deemed inappropriate by the judges will be disqualified.

  • Entries may not defame or invade the privacy or publicity rights of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon a person's personal or proprietary rights.

  • Entries that describe or perform dangerous conduct, stunts or tricks, conduct that could lead to physical injury, property damage or otherwise violate or are inconsistent with these official rules will be disqualified.

Other Rules:

  • Any individual student submission or classroom entry found in violation of any rule will be disqualified, and depending on the circumstances, the disqualification of any individual team member may result in the disqualification of his or her entire team.

  • Winners and their parents or guardians are responsible for all taxes or other fees connected with the prize received.

  • Ad Astra Media, LLC reserve the right to modify or cancel the competition at any time during the duration of the competition for any reason, including but not limited to an insufficient number of qualified entries received.

  • Ad Astra Media, LLC has the right to make the final decision on any point or issue not included or addressed in the entry rules.

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