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“In the furthest reaches of the universe against a backdrop of celestial bodies and stellar nebula – there is a school like none other.”


Aboard the Aeolipile, the Intergalactic Academy is a prestigious S.T.E.A.M. school following Headmaster Dr. Intergalactic with his associates; Dynamo, a robot, F.R.E.A.D., a ‘field research and exploration assistance’ droid', and Ana, a holographic navigator. For years they have educated the brightest minds across the cosmos, but Dr. Intergalactic believes he can do more. For the first time the Intergalactic Academy opens its doors to five students from Earth - each the bearer of profound knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math - to teach them all there is in the known universe to bring back to their kind. “Earth needs help now more than ever… Political and civil unrest, disease, famine and planetary abuses…” Dr. Intergalactic believes that S.T.E.A.M. can amaze and unite people to heal the Earth.

Our Intergalactic Academy Comics was awarded the Education Certification Seal by the Space Foundation.

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Forming A Diverse Class, The Following Students Have Been Selected For Their Exceptional Abilities:

Azha (1).png

Dex Young

Azha Nazari


A young Black American from Portland, Oregon struggling with sharing his sexual identity with his family and friends

A young Lebanese girl from the heart of Beirut, Lebanon discovering how much more there is to learn about the world

Rikona (1).png

Rikona Endo


A young Japanese girl from Tokyo learning how painting and self-expression can teach us about life

Pascal (1).png

Pascal Prince


A young American boy with ADHD struggling to find achievements outside of the digital world – when in fact he discovers his success within the computer realm

Sophie (1).png

Sophie Guerrero


A young Mexican girl from the heart of Mexico City being teased for being a smart girl with a lisp

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A Special Thank You To Our Partners

Ad Astra Media partners with Warn Everyone! Comics on our STEAM Digital Comic, The Intergalactic Academy. Reaching roughly 2,000 viewers on Webtoons and hundreds on Instagram each week, our digital comic has started to rise in popularity in teens ages 13 - 17. Warn Everyone! Comics is actively producing nearly a dozen new concepts with respected publishers and the most incredible talent around the world. They are focused on bringing excellence to storytelling and art to a fanbase that is craving quality over quantity.

Fiction Horizon
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Fiction Horizon has partnered with Ad Astra Media to display our digital comic, Intergalactic Academy, on their "113 Best Comic Blogs and Websites" for 2021! We are honored to be alongside other comics such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics and more! You can find Intergalactic Academy at number 10 on the list! Click here to find us and other comics -  Or head to our Webtoons page to follow the Intergalactic Academy through the multiverse!  

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