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Author: Professor Frederick Aldama

Graphic Novel Series →

Sci-Fi, Youth, Planet
Reboot, Hope

The future of humanity hangs in the balance as black ice emerges in summer and a mysterious disease threatens to wipe swaths of the population from the planet. But there is hope in the hands of the surviving youth, living in a bunker at the edge of the world, as they use science and the arts to open new pathways towards eco-harmony and collective possibility. At the heart of this odyssey is the profound bond between Luna "Cassie" Cassandra Coatlique and Papá, a brilliant writer clinging to his final days, through a series of letters and journals giving insight to the darker legacies of our history - colonialism, patriarchy, and political authoritarianism. As their journey unfolds, they weave in insights from Homer, Aristotle, Spinoza, and Pacheco, among others, to forge a possible new narrative that can lead humanity out of dystopic labyrinths into a world reborn.

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