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How Will Robots Affect the Future of Nature?

In urban areas, natural spaces are difficult to find. This article asks the question of whether or not robotics will create more natural spaces or eliminate them. With this world moving more and more towards relying on technology for living, if we make sure these robots are built in a way that benefits everyone. New technology can help us better care for nature and wildlife, help create less pollution, reduce the need for cars and traditional streets. This has the opportunity to completely change the structure of our cities! Imagine more green spaces and all the great benefits to health and well being. But on the other side, technology can widen the gap between wealthy and poor citizens, blocking the space for poor people to be in nature. Potentially these green spaces could become even smaller as the need to house new tech and robotics as well takes over the parks and other green spaces already cramped in these urban environments. See more below!

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