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Abuela's Airship

Illustration | Concept Art | Animation →

Where Technology Finds New Life, Thanks To Abuela’s Scientific Knowledge And Emotional Support

Imagine a technology repair shop that could revive even the most seemingly lifeless pieces of technology. Is your Roomba acting clogged but every time you go to empty it, there’s no dirt in sight? Has your powerful blender lost its mighty spin? Did your electric scooter unexplainably short circuit and now it’s just...a scooter? Never fear, Abuela’s Airship is here! The people of the town are perplexed by Abuela’s ability to bring the most lifeless pieces of technology back to working condition. Some even think this ‘technology whisperer’ must be using some kind of magic...? But, Abuela would never use magic. She’s a former inventor who trusts in science to find the answers! Paired with her two young assistants Juan and Teresa (who also happen to be her grandchildren), Abuela has invented a machine which momentarily brings technological devices to life! This is Abuela’s Airship, a place where Abuela and her two grandchildren come to the rescue of broken technology. Getting to the heart of the issue (which is often caused by an emotional glitch as opposed to a physical one), helping the smart device overcome the problem and sending it back home, buzzing with new electrical life


Creating a show is a creative endeavor that requires exploration and experimentation. Enjoy the process of brainstorming, developing characters, and crafting compelling stories. Don't be afraid to take risks and think outside the box.

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